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Tucson cyclists and road bikers flock to Oro Valley’s wide bike lanes and splendid scenery. Vistoso Cyclists offer rides three days a week at easy and advanced levels.

Top Tucson Supported Road and Mountain Biking Events

The world’s greatest biking destination offers many of the best supported road and mountain biking events. El Tour de Tucson is America’s top one day supported road biking event, drawing 8,000 plus cyclists every year. We have incredible mountain biking events like The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo just north of scenic Oro Valley. Tucson is the training center for top pros and triathletes. We have unlimited sun and the most desired mountain bike trails and safe, scenic road bike routes.

Facebook Group Rides

Cactus Cycling Club

We leave no behind behind! In 2003 a group of social friendly bikers got together and created the Cactus Cycling Club of Tucson. The idea was to create an environment for bikers of all levels to enjoy the sport together. Our mission was simple:

  • Promote safe and courteous cycling, and institute safe riding habits
  • Provide recreational cycling opportunities for the community
  • Encourage members to individually participate in cycling advocacy programs and activities
  • Share our enthusiasm with new riders and encourage them to become responsible cyclists

Tucson MTB Addicts

There will be plenty of red rock riding, grilling and good times. Any new attendees should get to know the group and ride with us regularly, before this event. Intermediate to Intermediate+ Rides, unguided and self-supported.

Women’s Cycling Association of Arizona

The official Facebook page of the Women’s Cycling Association of Arizona (WoCAA)! … The wonderful Anna Caterina is leading Tucson’s CycloFemme ride this year from Performance Bicycle on Broadway! …. We are a group of trans women of all ages, who have created a national women’s USAC cycling team and club.

Tucson Riders 4 the Cure

Group rides, clinics and other useful information leading up to El Tour.

GABA – Greater Arizona Bicycle Association

To promote healthy living by bicycling!

Christian Cycling Tucson

Mission – To expose each cyclist to the love and grace of Jesus Christ so that they may want to have a personal relationship with Him and unite Christian cyclists for a worldwide testimony in lifestyle, training, and sportsmanship.

Tucson Cyclists – VIP

We All Ride… It’s all about the ride… So please share your past, present and future rides here! The ‘Tucson Cyclists – VIP’ is your page, so feel free to fill it up with your events, stories, pictures, experiences, Strava and Garmin activities. By doing so, you would be a motivator and an inspiration to others! And by all means, make it fun and especially funny!

Our MTB Rides

Just a group of people who like to go for mountain bike rides. Always just for fun.

  • We usually have a ride every Sunday.
  • We also encourage members to post their rides if they want some company.
  • Know of a good ride? Feel free to post it and lead the ride. We are always looking for people to lead rides!
  • All rides are “NO DROP” rides.
  • Please come prepared and ready to ride on the time posted.
  • We plan on starting the ride 15 minutes after post time. If you are running late, we understand, just make sure someone knows.
  • Join the Event if you are going to be there, It helps keep track of who is going to be there. Bring your friends!
  • We also are known to have a “Beer Night” once a month!

Tucson Bike and Breakfast and Beer

Tucson is blessed with great cycling paths and fantastic riding weather nearly year-round. Our circle of cycling friends routinely take morning rides on various routes around the city and invariably stop somewhere along the way for breakfast. (Or “Second Breakfast” if you are a Lord of the Rings fan) The type of cafe’ we stop at is very specific:

  • It must be locally-owned and operated… no Denny’s or IHOPs.
  • The menu must have the basic eggs, pancakes, bacon, grits, etc….. and, of course, must be reasonably priced.
  • We seek-out places that have character and interesting staff.
  • The quality of the decor is of secondary importance… in fact, we give the place “extra points” if you have to walk through the kitchen in order to get to the bathroom:-)

This Facebook group seeks to show all our favorite “Bike and Breakfast” locations with some ranking as to distance-from-path and bicycle security infrastructure. Click on the map in the pinned post, then click on individual breakfast cafe’s for info about their bicycle friendliness. Feel free to post your suggestions for additional breakfast cafe’s.

The Loop

This facebook page is to tell about all of the great things you can do on or near The Loop, such as

  • parks,
  • public art,
  • restaurants,
  • coffee shops,
  • shopping,
  • hidden treasures and more.

Also, you will hear the latest news about the improvements and plans for the loop as they are happening. You can check out the map as the county updates it at Pima County is developing The Loop around metro Tucson with links to Marana, Oro Valley, and South Tucson. Pima County residents and visitors on foot, bikes, skates, and horses can enjoy the more than 100 miles of shared-use paths that have already been completed. If it doesn’t have a motor, it’s good to go on The Loop. Work is ongoing to add more miles of paths. When completed, The Loop will total 131 miles and connect the Rillito River Park, Santa Cruz River Park, and Pantano River Park with Julian Wash and the Harrison Greenway.

Cycling Fun

So you love cycling? We’re crazy about it! Whether you ride road, mountain, cyclocross or tri – we love them all! Whether you’re a veteran to the sport or a newbie on the road, come share pictures of your adventures, post your experiences, bring us your zeal for riding in the open air. In CF, we help each other and support one another.

  • Our passion for cycling brings us together but it is our human spirit that keeps us strong as a group.
  • We are about cycling and also about staying fit.
  • With us, you will also learn how to be a healthy rider. We provide tips on healthy eating, cross training exercise to avoid injuries and be in peak shape.
  • We also share motivational techniques to keep your body healthy and strong, and your mind focused and sharp.

If you love to ride and be with awesome people, then join us, and welcome to the Cycling Fun family!

Fat Bikes

This group is dedicated to Fat Bikes and all their myriad forms

TTG and Friends in Training

Tucson Tri Girls, family, and friends. Let’s train, eat, and drink together. Throw in some races and have some fun while we are at it!!

All Things Bicycling and Bikes

Safe place to post, share and talk about bicycling.

  • No politics, race & religious contents;
  • No profanity;
  • No bad language;
  • No sales,
  • No advertisement,
  • No fundraising,
  • No self- promotion

Recumbent Trikes Group

This group is all about recumbent trikes! You can share your pics, vids, stories, great trail recommendations, questions and suggestions

Pedaling the Pueblo

Pedaling the Pueblo is a FM 91.3 KXCI mini-program and podcast that connects people to news and information about Tucson’s bicycle culture.

SynCardia Cycling

A group for cyclists who ride with Team Syncardia/Team Udall and friends.

Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists

Check out the weblink for SDMB coming events

Tuesday Night Ride

This group is for anyone that has fun on a bike, big bikes small bikes, fast bikes, slow bikes. This is a group ride that anyone and everyone is encouraged to join. Every week we meet and ride downtown, the ride isn’t too hard and we try to make it enjoyable for all skill levels. Location: Flag pole outside of Old Main on the U of A campus When: Tuesday nights at 8pm Departs: 8:30pm (working towards this goal, hopefully by fall/winter)

JKG Strava

Just a bunch of like-minded Strava users that ride and encourage each other to do their best. We are a big fan of PR’s. A simple way to organize rides. Everyone welcome.

Zona Cycling

A group of energetic cyclist that’s always ready to have a good time! Come join us on our Saturday rides. We meet at Ike’s Coffee Shop on Speedway

Old Pueblo MTB

We are a diverse, family friendly group of people in the Tucson area joined together by our mutual love of Mountain Biking.

  • We welcome all ages, from any walk of life.
  • If you’re new to the sport, or just want to try it out, come join us!
  • We have skill levels from beginner to expert and we ride as often as we can.
  • We welcome your photos, videos, questions and input. See you on the trail!

TORCA-Tucson Offroad Cyclists & Activists

Non-Profit Mountain biking activists dedicated to fostering a relationship between All-mountain/Downhill mountain bikers and land managers. TORCA’s Facebook page is a resource to help get important mountain biking related topics out to the public. Be sure to check in and see where TORCA is doing it’s next Trail maintenance day, one of many weekly and monthly social rides, board/community meetings or one of our cool special events. If nothing else, please share your experiences and pictures out on the trail with us. Preferably shiny bikes, “sweet jumps” and gnarly stories! 🙂

Monday Night Mash

Monday Night Mash is a bike ride through out Tucson.

  • A different route each week, using the smoothest routes possible to explore Tucson’s neighborhoods and parks.
  • The ride covers approximatley 20 to 45 miles and makes 2 to 3 stops along the way.
  • Riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace and meet at the stops that will be posted on the Monday Night Mash page the day of the ride.
  • The ride meets every Monday at Reid Park Aphitheater at 7:00 pm.

Come out and ride with us, make friends and have a good time!!!

Tucson Recumbent Cyclists (& Trikes)

A group of recumbent cyclists in Tucson, AZ. Whether you live locally or are just visiting Tucson, we invite you to join us for a ride.

  • If you don’t have a recumbent, but want a fun ride on your painful upright bike, we are happy to have you ride along with us. We are not a fast group, we typically roll at 10-12 MPH on the flat.
  • We don’t go that speed all the time, it’s just mentioned because we get asked what our pace is.
  • If you ride with us and can’t keep up, we won’t leave you behind. At least not for long if we do. We will either stop to let you catch up, or someone will go back to find you.
  • We are happy to have newer riders come along. If we don’t help new people get started, the group won’t grow.

All members are welcome to host a ride. Plan it, post it here, and see who can ride with you.

Tucson Endurance Racing

This page is for the members of the Tucson Endurance Racing team to communicate and stay in connected. We haven’t been able to find everyone on Facebook who showed interest at the team meeting. So if you are connected with them on Facebook please invite them to this group.

Transit Cycles

A shop in the Mercado w/ cargo bikes, & offers shop rides – visit to learn more

Homestretch Foundation

We assist low-income female professional athletes with free housing. We work to eradicate salary inequity for women in all occupations. Join us!

Living Streets Alliance

We aim to empower citizens, staff, developers and public officials to improve the livability of our public rights of way and street network to be more connective and convenient for walking and cycling, while simultaneously utilizing roadway improvement as a means of enhancing the urban environment and character of Tucson. The Living Streets Alliance seeks to inspire urban improvements for walking and cycling and healthy community and neighborhood life through

  • outreach,
  • education, and
  • advocacy pertaining to alternative modes of transportation and
  • basic improvements to the physical condition and design of roadways and the public right of way.

Tucson Velodrome

Tucson and Southern Arizona have some of the best cycling in the world, but we are missing an important component to be a true cycling city. A Velodrome. This group is dedicated to being proactive in making this happen.

Bell Joy Ride – a women’s Mtn Bike group

Bell Joy Ride is an informal women’s mountain biking group.

  • It’s not a club or a team.
  • There is no membership fee or initiation.
  • You don’t have to join or commit to anything.

Just show up! We host rides organized by rider level/ability. Beginners to advanced and everyone in between can join. We offer opportunities to connect with other female riders in a casual, friendly environment. Our goal is to have fun!

LOOK! Save A Life

LOOK! Save A Life is dedicated to the safety of cyclists. Our goal is to reach as many drivers and cyclists as possible. Company Overview Look! Save a Life is a campaign to promote bicycle safety and awareness.

Meetup Group Rides

Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association

Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association (SAMBA) was established in 1991 as a community based organization of people with a passion for mountain biking! We love to explore the spectacular scenery and terrain of Southern Arizona by bike! As a club, we have been organizing one or more weekly rides for over 25 years! You may find us on local Tucson trails or travelling to less frequented areas of the Sonoran Desert and beyond. Our objective is to

  • promote the enjoyment of mountain biking and nature;
  • to protect and enhance mountain biking opportunities; and
  • to support environmentally and socially responsible use of the land.

We are an IMBA affiliated club and encourage our members to support and participate in like minded organizations, locally and nationally. SAMBA supports the Pima Trails Association, the Arizona Trail Association and is trail steward to a portion of the AZ Trail in the Santa Rita Mountains. SAMBA welcomes everyone on our rides! We enjoy the social aspects of mountain biking as well as the challenges. We try to gear the pace of our rides to the group and stop frequently to regroup. However, we do ride in difficult terrain and suggest that you and your bike to be in fairly good condition in order to enjoy the ride. Most of our rides would fall into the moderate / intermediate category, unless otherwise listed. Our day rides generally last about three to four hours, with a fair amount of stopping to regroup. Beginners with good stamina should do fine. Night rides are shorter, but do require good lights. If you have questions, please contact the ride leader.

Performance Great Ride Series: Speedway

Come out and join Performance Bicycle on Saturday’s at 8am for our relaxed group ride! This ride is tailored to riders who are starting to get comfortable on the bike, or who enjoy competition free recreational rides. Our rides start at Performance on Speedway and will consist of around an hour of riding, for a total of around 10-14 miles. We offer a friendly no-drop policy with plenty of support and a positive atmosphere. We will explore some of the local bike paths available to you as well as some of scenic Tucson. Come and join our ride leaders Bryce and Adam for some fun!

Performance Great Ride Series: Broadway

Saturday Beginner Ride, come join the fun!

Greater Arizona Bicycling Association (GABA)

Based in Tucson, GABA ( is the oldest and largest bike club in Southern Arizona with over 1300 members! We host, support, and lead

  • Day Rides,
  • legendary centuries,
  • multi-day rides, and
  • rides for families.

GABA is more than just riding a bike. We are also active in the community supporting cycling advocacy, bike safety education, and bike repair. To learn more about GABA ( check out our webpage

Tucson West Side Triathletes

This group exists to support and encourage people in the greater Tucson area who want meet with others to swim, bike, run, or all three. You don’t have to be a triathlete, or even aspire to be one. If you only want to run or ride, that’s fine. If you compete great, if you just do it for fun and fitness, that’s great too. We just want to provide the events that will create the peer support and camaraderie for group training. The “west side” part of the name expresses the intent to increase the level of organized activities on the west side of town, which seems to have less coverage than the east side.

On Your Left Fitness and Timing MeetUps

This is a place where runners, cyclists and multisport athletes can find information about events, free clinics and meet-ups in the Tucson and Oro Valley area. All skill levels are welcome. We started this group to help introduce On Your Left Fitness ( (OYL) to like-minded individuals within our community looking to stay active and support local events.

To update or add your group rides.

Tucson’s Best Cycling and Road Biking Routes

BikeArizona! Tucson’s Best Road Biking Rides…


With over 120 miles of car-free cycling, the Oro Valley/Tucson Loop bike path is credited by many as the cycling path in America.


From Oro Valley/North Tucson’s idyllic routes nestled against the Catalinas to jaw dropping Mount Lemmon, Tucson offers Arizona’s best scenic cycling.


Mount Lemmon, Mount Graham, Kitt Peak, Madera Canyon, Whipple Observatory and the backside of Lemmon in Oracle, Tucson is the choice of pros from all over the world!

Best Tucson/Oro Valley Mountain Biking Trails